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EU 10x Swift 6 Max
91 / 200 Players Online
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EU 10x Swift Duo
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EU 10x Swift Trio
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EU 2x Duo
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TemplarGaming VIP Packages

TemplarGaming Store

Enjoying our servers and want to show some support?
Consider purchasing a VIP package on our store! VIPs get access to lots of great features, some can be seen below:
  • Skip the queue
  • VIP Tag in-game (toggle with /Tags)
  • VIP & Supporter Roles on our Discord
  • Access to VIP Kits
  • Sign Artist - allows you to upload images to signs! (/SIL while looking at a sign)
  • Supporter Channel on our Discord
  • + Many more features! - Check out our store for more details
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We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of cheating.
Cheating includes but is not limited to: scripting, hacking, cheat menus or any external applications to gain an advantage.
Read below for information on our cheating rules.

- Any present or past form or expressed interest in hacking/cheating/scripting is not tolerated
- Associating with cheaters or players with EAC / Rust Game Banned Accounts is not tolerated
- Having any present or past EAC / Rust Game Bans across any accounts is not tolerated

We have several teaming rules to ensure fair gameplay for all players. These rules are only enforced on our servers which have group limits.
Note: Teams have a shared responsibility to follow our rules - when we ban players for breaking teaming rules, all players in their clan & team are banned alongside them.

- Exceeding the group limit of our servers will result in a ban Click the Info button on any of our servers for group limit information.
- Persistently Roaming / Raiding / Basing with players outside your clan is not allowed. This rule only applies if you, or the player you are teaming with are in a clan
- Forming agreements to not kill other clans is NOT allowed.
- Alliances between clans are NOT allowed.
- Bringing NON-CLAN MEMBERS into your base is NOT allowed.
- You can rotate out a clan member as long as they are OFFLINE.
- When rotating a clan member, you MUST do the following: Remove their bag, kick them from your clan & team AND kill the sleeper

Do not attempt to evade any bans on our servers. This will result in additional bans being added to your account.

If you find a bug / exploit / glitch within the game, do not abuse it.
If you are to abuse such an issue you may be banned.
You can report any issues to us in a Support Ticket on our Discord.

We understand Rust is a competitive, high pressure environment at times.
Despite this, we do not tolerate slurs or extreme toxicity on our servers. This will result in chat restrictions or in more severe cases a permanent ban.

Staff Team

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Chicken Co-Owner
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Ghost Senior Administrator
BIGDUCKOG Senior Administrator
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nukhz Administrator
Avatar of Smiriik
Smiriik Junior Administrator
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Orange Trial Administrator
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Sumkok Head ChatMod
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Cannibal Senior ChatMod
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Kasper Senior ChatMod
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Prayer Senior ChatMod
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Solar Senior ChatMod
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ieu Senior ChatMod
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XR213 Senior ChatMod
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Frequently Asked Questions

To claim the Discord, Steam and/or Nitro kits you will need to link your account.

To link your account head to our Linking Site and follow the prompts to sign in with your Steam and Discord accounts.

Once you have linked, use the /Link command in-game to receive access to the relevant kits.

For the Nitro Kit you will need to have Nitro Boosted our Discord.
For the Steam Kit you will need to be in our Steam Group

Having any issues? Try relinking on our linking site, waiting 5 minutes and running /Link again in-game. If that does not fix it open a ticket on our Discord and we will help you

All our servers wipe times are in the #server-information channel on our Discord.

In this channel you can see a live wipe countdown and with wipe times in your local time.

VIP can be purchased on Our Store

All packages on our store are server specific so make sure to select the right server when purchasing!

If you need help with anything related to our servers, please open a ticket on our Discord.
Make sure to select the most suitable ticket type this will ensure we can help you as fast and efficiently as possible