Providing all players with enjoyable content rich servers

Friendly Helpful Staff

Having friendly, understanding staff is a core part of a community. We hand select users who are skilled in moderation through an application process.

Powerful Servers

Our servers run on powerful dedicated hardware alongside a fast network, rest assured that your gameplay won't be interrupted by lag or DDoS attacks.

Tailored Plugins

We professionally tailor all of our plugins and optimize them for the best user experience on our servers, so all players can have a seamless experience.


Server image
EU 10x Server

17 / 250

TemplarGaming EU 10x 16/10 No BPs [Loot+|Kits|Shop]

IP: eu-10x.templargaming.net:28015

Server image
EU 5x Server

2 / 250

TemplarGaming EU 5x 16/10 No BPs Solo/Duo/Trio Loot+

IP: eu-5x.templargaming.net:28015

Server image
US 10X Server

4 / 250

TemplarGaming US 10x 10/18 No BPs [Loot+|Kits|Shop]

IP: us-10x.templargaming.net:28015

Server image
US 5x Server

3 / 250

TemplarGaming US 5x 10/18 No BPs [Loot+|Kits|6 Max]

IP: us-5x.TemplarGaming.net:28015

Server image
US 2x Server

0 / 250

TemplarGaming US 2x Solo/Duo/Trio LootX2 JUST WIPED

IP: us-2x.templargaming.net:28015

Server image
US 3x Server

0 / 250

TemplarGaming US 3x 10/16 [Loot+|Kits|6 Max|Shop|PVP]

IP: us-3x.TemplarGaming.net:28015

Server image
EU 2x Server

0 / 250

TemplarGaming EU 2x 14/10 Solo/Duo/Trio/Quad LootX2

IP: eu-2x.templargaming.net:28015

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